About Us

The Una Chapman Cox Foundation partners with the Department of State and non-governmental organizations to initiate and implement a variety of projects that support a strong U.S. Foreign Service. The Foundation focuses on recruiting and retaining the best possible cadre of career officers and educating a broad constituency to better understand, appreciate and support the Foreign Service. With projects such as analyses and recommendations on the function of diplomacy, professional development programs and activities, sabbaticals and scholarships, and programs that assist family members, the Foundation's current support of the Foreign Service continues to honor its founder's intent.

A 509(a)3 and 501(c)3 tax exempt foundation with its financial office in Texas and its program office in Washington, DC, the Cox Foundation is governed by five trustees working with an advisory board, whose members are active duty and retired Foreign Service officers and other distinguished individuals with experience in public service, education and charitable organizations. The Foundation's programs and activities are limited to those that further its stated objectives.