Commercial Diplomacy

Support for American Jobs, Part II: A new Government-Business Partnership for Commercial Diplomacy” is the latest report based on business views of U.S. commercial diplomacy programs, prepared by the American Academy of Diplomacy under the direction of the Cox Foundation. Building upon the findings of “Support for American Jobs, Part I: Requirements for Next-Generation Commercial Diplomacy Programs,” Part II highlights the best practices of foreign commercial diplomacy programs and implications for the United States, best practices of public-private partnerships to inform and facilitate further collaboration between the US government and private business, and a selection of pilot training sessions.

Learn more about the Academy’s work on Commercial Diplomacy here.

The formal rollout of Support for American Jobs was held at the US Chamber of Commerce on May 20, 2016. Panelists included Judy Reinke, Deputy Director General of the US Foreign and Commercial Service, Department of Commerce; Ziad Hader, Special Representative, Commercial and Business Affairs, Department of State; Carolyn Brehm, Vice President, Global Government Relations, Procter and Gamble; and Mary Claire Murphy, Executive Director of Government Affairs of Textron, Inc. Watch the event launch below.

USGLC Partnership

In partnership with the Cox Foundation, USGLC hosts events around the country to educate and inspire support from the American public and policymakers on the importance of America’s diplomacy and development.

AFSA Outreach program

The AFSA Speakers Bureau, with support from the Cox Foundation, reached nearly 4,000 people in 2016. The Speakers Bureau works to build a “fan club” of globally engaged citizens by raising awareness about the Foreign Service and its work. The Speakers Bureau provides a range of organizations – including the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Affairs Councils of America, the US Global Leadership Coalition, and many more – with access to experienced foreign affairs professionals to speak at chapter meetings and events or participate in education, mentoring or advisory programs.

America’s Diplomats

The Cox Foundation provided support for promotion of America’s Diplomats. The documentary has reached nearly half of US TV households with multiple PBS runs.

From Ben Franklin to Benghazi, America’s Diplomats takes you inside the Foreign Service and behind the scenes of U.S. Foreign Policy. Discover the role our diplomats play in shaping American history. Uncover the origins of our Foreign Service, and the danger American diplomats face far from home.