Past Programs

Past Foundation Programs

The Foundation has supported numerous programs from our implementing partners which have aimed to further the Foundation’s target areas of recruitment, retention, and public outreach.

Past Program Highlight: Diplomacy Seminar

The Cox Foundation worked with the Department of State and the CloseUp Foundation to host a three-day Foreign Service career exploration workshop in Washington DC. The seminar promoted professional development through doing, offering participants the opportunity to learn about the Department through direct engagement with distinguished ambassadors, Foreign Service Officers, and Department employees.

Past Foundation Programs: Reports

“Security for U.S. Diplomats - Rethinking the Risk Paradigm,”

The Cox Foundation commissioned the report “Security for U.S. Diplomats - Rethinking the Risk Paradigm,” that ultimately resulted in legislation changing how the Department manages risk.

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The Foreign Service and American Public Opinion

Supported by the Cox Foundation, the RAND Corporation undertook an in-depth, non-partisan empirical examination of American public opinion related to diplomacy and the Foreign Service and to illuminate the dynamics that affect it.

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Organizing for Multilateral Diplomacy

The Cox Foundation contracted with the American Academy of Diplomacy for a project “Organizing for Multilateral Diplomacy” that identified global best practices in the conduct of multilateral diplomacy.

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